Consider RV Workamping Jobs in Your Dutchmen RV

October 23, 2017

Explore a Travel Alternative that Lets You See the Country and Earn as You Go!

Consider RV Workamping Jobs in Your Dutchmen RV

What’s the latest trend in the job market? Work camping, also known as ‘workamping.’ Popular among—but not limited to—older Americans and retirees, work camping is a way for people to make money while traveling the country in an RV. So, why not make it a Dutchmen RV?

There are many types of workampers and workamping situations. Typically, employers hire seasonal workers to work short-term, offering wages and a free camping site in return. Walmart and Amazon are two of the largest companies offering this type of camping work arrangement, but smaller companies, outdoor recreational facilities, farms, and organizations hire work campers, too. And, there are even volunteer opportunities that “pay” in a free place to park, and then there’s the satisfaction of helping others.

The urge to travel -- combined with a need to have some additional income, besides savings or social security, has prompted campers to find work along the way. At the same time, campgrounds, national and state parks, motels, and farms with seasonal sales, such as pumpkins and Christmas trees, have found RV travelers make for great temporary workers.


Boomer couples make up the majority of workampers, but younger couples, singles, and families who also enjoy the RV lifestyle look for work camping jobs, too. Some do it out of necessity, but most workampers are looking to travel and augment their income while saving on free hookups at campgrounds. Because most RV workamping jobs are seasonal, people like teachers and other workers who have free blocks of time can combine travel with a part-time job. Many couples or families who choose this lifestyle have one full- or part-time earner who can work via the internet--that is to say, anywhere. Others just want to keep busy when they park or help out the camping industry or a non-profit organization.


  • Travel to see friends and family while earning income and/or a free campsite and utilities
  • Flexible schedule -- work full or part-time, as much or as little as you need to
  • Work outdoors, usually in good weather (though there are many indoor workamping jobs)
  • Meet new people who share your love of travel and the RV lifestyle
  • Discover new places, help people in need, and retire to your comfortable, familiar Dutchmen RV to relax and sleep every night


Workampers work indoors and outdoors, part time and full time. They work for a whole season or for a few days or weeks at a time. Here are a few workamping options for you to think about:

Outdoor Hospitality
Most work camping jobs are available in the outdoor hospitality industry, and many are available right at your RV park or campground. Volunteer camp hosts can usually trade their services for a free campsite and utilities. Some private campsites offer monetary compensation, as well. These jobs include meeting and directing campers, maintaining the campgrounds, and working in stores and cafes. National and state parks hire workers seasonally for similar types of jobs, as do motels.

Outdoor Attractions
Think about places you like to visit on weekends or vacations -- they probably have workamping jobs. Amusement parks, drag racing shows, NASCAR events, and outdoor music and art venues look for ticket takers, ushers, and parking attendants. Resorts hire front desk workers, reservation agents, housekeepers and landscapers, golf course workers and administrative assistants.

Inside Opportunities
Retailer warehouses and fulfillment centers often hire workampers for the busy seasons, such as pre-Christmas, offering space to park your RV, plus wages. The Amazon Camperforce program, for example, offers a paid campsite, wages, and a bonus if you work through the season’s end date.

Do you want to live the RV lifestyle while helping out a good cause? Many workampers do just that. The Nature Conservancy, Christian Resort Ministries, and other charitable organizations that help people, animals, and the environment hire workampers in exchange for a campsite and utilities.

Ready to consider workamping? Here are a few resources to help you get started.

Another great resource for finding work on the road is the RV Jobs Board over at Your RV Lifestyle. There, you’ll find a wide variety of open positions at campsites and resorts all over the country. Positions include crew work, general maintenance, sales, and even blogging opportunities! And, if you’re looking for someone to hire as they trek across the States, you can post from there, too! They’re always updating availabilities, so we encourage you to take a visit and check back often.

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