Fourth of July Ideas to Inspire Holiday Camping Fun

July 01, 2016

Beach, Festival and Yellowstone Camping Tips

Fourth of July Ideas to Inspire Holiday Camping Fun

The Fourth of July is a time when America’s hard-working men and women take a moment to bask in the July sun, savor the scent of fireworks and celebrate our many American freedoms. Whether it’s a beach, trailhead, festival, national park or a combination of them all, Dutchmen has your holiday plans covered.


Nothing says the Fourth of July than watching fireworks explode in the sky as their colors reflect in the water. However, while the night may be a blast, here are some beach camping tips to ensure the whole family safely enjoys the festivities with their bare feet planted firmly in the sand.

  • While burying your spent fireworks in the sand may seem like the easy option, it’s not always the safest for unsuspecting beach-goers taking a late-night stroll. Make sure to douse them in water before placing them in a metal bin.
  • Along the same lines, you never want to bury a fire. While it seems like a good way to extinguish the flames, the coals can stay hot underneath the surface for hours, even into the early morning.
  • Always make sure to camp far enough from the shoreline in order to avoid the rising tide while you’re sleeping off your holiday celebrations. (Looking for a beach-ready RV, consider the lightweight Dutchmen Aerolite travel trailer.)


If big crowds and loud noises don’t sound like holiday celebration to you, take a trip to the appropriately-named Fourth of July Trailhead located only a few miles from Eldora, Colorado in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The trailhead campground is for tent camping only, but the nearby Kelly Dahl Campground accommodates RVs.

  • Take a day hike from the Fourth of July Trailhead and experience more than just high wilderness peaks. The area is home to old mine ruins from which this trailhead got its name.
  • Once you’re done exploring this trailhead, make sure to visit these other favorite Colorado vistas — Arapaho Pass, Diamond Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness and Arapaho Glacier Trails.
  • The Kelly Dahl Campground is located only 35 minutes away and offers 46 sites to accommodate RVers, so bring your Dutchmen Kodiak to feel right at home in this oh-so perfect Fourth of July locale.


This Fourth of July, there are plenty of locations to celebrate. However, for the most patriotic RVers looking for that extra bit of flash, here are some of the nation’s most popular Fourth of July festivals. Want your first camping tip? After a night of fireworks bring the party back to your Dutchmen Voltage, featuring its very own patio.

  • What says freedom like a free Fourth of July party that boasts DJs, bands, special performances, and even free giveaways? The South Lake Tahoe “Red White and Blue 4th of July Celebration” hosts nearly 4,000 attendees and is so spectacular that it’ll be aired live on TV for the second year in a row. The Tahoe Valley RV Resort is 9 minutes away from the festivities.
  • For one of the most patriotic Fourth of July festivals in the country, look no further than the “Stars and Stripes Explosion” located at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. In addition to featuring the local Symphonicity orchestra, the U.S. Fleet Forces Wind Ensemble and Four Star Edition band will be taking the main beach stage. Just a 12-minute drive away, the Holiday Trav-L Parkis perfect for all of your travel trailer and fifth wheel needs.
  • Hit songs, beachfront views and professional fireworks? Check, check, and check. The city of Fort Lauderdale, home to some of the best spring break action, is throwing a don’t-miss Independence Day celebration. The “Fourth of July Spectacular” on the Beachfront Promenade will feature live music covers of bands like Chicago, Fleetwood Mac and more. Just a short drive away, the Paradise Island RV Resort will keep you close to the city for all of your celebration needs.


What could be more patriotic than celebrating America’s anniversary with the anniversary of our National Parks? With 100 years of offering great family getaways, Yellowstone National Park, located in not one, but three great states – Wyoming, Montana and Idaho – is the ideal location for celebrating this historic moment in American history. The Coleman RV by Dutchmen is the perfect trailer for such a trip, especially since Coleman has been outfitting outdoor enthusiasts since 1900.

  • Take a wildlife tour to celebrate Mother Nature during the Fourth of July weekend. Yellowstone is prime with moose, bison and bear, but be careful to keep a safe distance, especially from bears. (Sadly, the park averages one death by bear attack each year.)
  • After your wildlife tour, hit Yellowstone Lake for more fun. You can rent an outboard or rowboat from Xanterra Parks & Resorts at Bridge Bay Marina, but hurry because they are first come-first serve!
  • Fireworks are prohibited in the park, but many of the nearby gateway communities will host their own celebrations. And if you don’t want to leave the park, enjoy Mother Nature’s own spectacular show — Old Faithful. Watching this geologic attraction erupt is just as awe-inspiring as fireworks themselves.

Now that you’re in the mood to celebrate and are armed with these Fourth of July camping tips, we hope your RV travels are safe.

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