RV Camping Trip Checklists

August 02, 2016

Two Checklists To Keep Your Dutchmen RV In Tip-Top Shape

RV Camping Trip Checklists

At Dutchmen RV, we’re well versed in checklists, especially since we run every single product through its very own Pre-Delivery Inspection. Let’s just say checklists are our thing, so in spirit of ticking off boxes, here are two important RV camping checklists to keep your Dutchmen travel trailer or fifth wheel in tip-top shape.


If you’re bound for adventure, first you’ll want to check off this list of must-have RV items. (We’ll let you plan the “fun” list packed with outdoor gear, but take a second to review this list to make sure you have these essentials for proper setup and teardown.)

  • Extra fuses
  • RV power cord adapter
  • Wheel chocks, leveling boards and collapsible shovel
  • Potable water hose for fresh water hookup
  • Black tank essentials (disposable gloves, tank deodorizer and black flush hose)

 Now that this gear is tucked away, it’s time to button down the hatches …


Whether you’re coming or going to the campground, an RV walk-around is essential to ensure everything is stowed away properly. An open vent or a retracted stabilizer jack can be damaged if you pull away too soon. We’ve organized this Pre-Trip Checklist from the inside out, mirroring a typical walk-around.

  • Secure all loose items, including bathroom supplies.
  • Shut drawers. Dutchmen’s ball-bearing guides will take care of the rest.
  • Close doors, vents, windows, blinds and slideouts.
  • Shut off the water pump and water heater. Select Dutchmen models have interior switches, but for those that don’t, you’ll want to address this during your outside walk-around.
  • Make sure the A/C and furnace are shut off, too.
  • Select Dutchmen models include a TV antenna or satellite features. Lower to prevent wind damage.
  • Switch the 3-way refrigerator from electric to propane. (Don’t forget to open the exterior propane tank valve.)
  • Turn off all interior and exterior lights to salvage the battery. (The patio light often goes unnoticed.)
  • Retract entry step(s).
  • Secure the awning.
  • Stow away hoses and cords.
  • Raise rear stabilizer jacks. (Select model electric jacks make this a breeze.)
  • Hitch the trailer, then check the RV’s brake lights and turn signals. (If you’re sporting a Dutchmen fifth wheel, now is a good time to raise the front jacks.)
  • Remove and stow the chocks.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • After your outdoor gear is loaded, make sure the compartments are locked.
  • Lock the entry door.
  • Do one final walk-around.

Did you know? The Dutchmen Voltage iN-Command Control System lets you operate any electrical switch or motorized component through this mobile device app. You’ll be breezing through your checklist in no time!

Don’t forget to check back in the fall for our winterization checklist. But who wants to think about that right now? Summer is beckoning, and you have an RV to pack …

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