Travel Green With Dutchmen’s Best Lightweight Travel Trailers

April 20, 2016

Tread lightly all year long with Dutchmen Aerolite and Dutchmen Kodiak

Travel Green With Dutchmen’s Best Lightweight Travel Trailers

A Dutchmen travel trailer vacation is an excellent way to tread lightly on the earth all year long. Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you differently. A recent study confirms that a 10-day travel trailer vacation reduces carbon emissions by up to 1.6 tons compared to taking the same trip by air or in a car with hotel stays. Now, that’s green travel.

According to the EPA greenhouse gas equivalent calculator, that’s the equivalent of:

  • 6,301 pounds of coal burned
  • 13.6 barrels of oil consumed
  • And half the amount of the average home’s energy use for an entire year

If environmental impact is important to you, a lightweight travel trailer is your best choice. Lucky for you, Dutchmen RV makes the best lightweight travel trailers on the market.


For more than 20 years, this camping legend has set the bar for the rest of the ultra lightweight travel trailer market.

  • The Dutchmen Aerolite owns up to its name Zero Gravity Series label. Featuring lightweight aluminum construction and an aerodynamic travel trailer profile, Aerolite is easy on gas mileage — a definite must if you’re into green travel.
  • The Emerald Package’s convenient, single-point battery disconnect conserves your battery power between adventures.
  • Resilient linoleum flooring not only comes with a multi-year warranty, but linoleum is also some of the greenest flooring you can buy. Made from resins, linseed oil, recycled wood flour, cork dust and mineral pigments, it is naturally anti-bacterial and bio-degradable.
  • The Aero Tech Package makes your Aerolite solar-prep ready so you can fuel all of your family fun with the rays of the sun.
  • Of course, thanks to standard dark-tinted windows, you can keep the summer heat outside, meaning you won’t have to dip into all that new-found power to run the standard A/C as often. And Aerolite’s heated and enclosed underbelly keeps the elements out while also helping to maintain interior temperatures inside.
  • Bathroom and kitchen skylights (select models) let the sunlight in all day long, allowing families to conserve energy for the nighttime. Plus, the Aerolite makes it easy for the family to clean up quickly and conserve more water thanks to an exterior shower, available in the Premium Package.


Don’t let its environmentally friendly features fool you. This aerodynamic travel trailer, packed with family-friendly features, is built to last.

  • Like the Aerolite, the Dutchmen Kodiak features an aerodynamic profile in the Kodiak Ultimate. The ultra lite technology leader, the entire Kodiak line is light enough to be towed by most SUVs, minivans, crossovers and light trucks, and the Kodiak Express is especially nimble thanks to its compact, expandable design. Gone are the days of bulky trailers that have to be lugged down the road. Hello fuel efficiency.
  • Cool-burning LED lights (a 21st Platinum Plus Package feature) keep you comfortable whether you are cooking in the gourmet kitchen with its easy-to-clean stainless-steel appliances or are gathering for family game night around the spacious dining area.
  • With 40 percent more pass-through storage thanks to Kodiak’s Bear Cave storage, there’s plenty of room to pack your trailer full of goodies and to haul everything back out when you leave.
  • Like the Aerolite, Dutchmen Kodiak features standard dark-tinted windows and a heated and enclosed underbelly for better temperature consistency.
  • And of course, nothing makes you appreciate the Great Outdoors than features that let you spend more time soaking up the fresh air. With an optional swing-out grill and the Ultimate Package adjustable power awning, you’ll be spending more time with Mother Nature. Now, that’s green travel.

Check out the Kodiak and Aerolite today. Or find a dealer near you to check one out in person.

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