Haunted Houses

October 06, 2021

10 Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

When October comes around there is chill in the air. Leaves are changing colors and falling making the trees look spooky. If you are into all things ghosts, monsters, and witches and think that nothing can scar you than we dare to explore these 10 Haunted Houses. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.           

 Terror Behind the Walls, Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA
This National Historic Landmark once housed Al Capone as a prisoner. This prison is said to be haunted year round but during Halloween visitors can explore six terrifying attractions while locked inside cell blocks. 

Netherworld Haunted House, Norcross, GA
Voted Scariest Haunted House in US by Haunt World in 2017. This haunted attraction is owned by TV and film professionals so there is close attention to detail. Some props have been used in major studio films and some of the crew members have appeared as extras in the TV series The Walking Dead.

The 13th Gate, Baton Rouge, LA
Widely regarded as one of best haunted houses year after year, this attraction uses what Louisiana is known for to make patrons scream. Snake-infested swamp, Voodoo, and 400 zombie-infested crypts. Will you make through all 13 gates?

Bennett’s Curse, Baltimore, MD
This small mom-n-pop run operation always packs a punch. Known for having a 3D attraction that changes every year. They also have small events that offer screams around other holidays, such as, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patricks’ Day.

Headless Horseman, Ulster Park, NY
Set on 45 acres in the Hudson valley of New York, this destination has six haunted houses, labyrinth corn maze, and mile-long hay ride.  Usually voted in the top 10 of haunted housed across the country.

Erebus, Pontiac, MI
This four-story haunted house once held the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest walk through haunted attraction. The use of characters that will grab you will make you jump along with the use of strobe lights.

The Asylum Haunted House, Denver, CO
Nothing is scarier than an asylum. This haunted house uses sound to confuse the senses to make visitors think past tortured souls are following them. This attraction was featured on Travel Channels “American’s Scariest Halloween Attractions.”

Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, OH
Set in a real schoolhouse, the legend goes that the janitor would slowly murder the students who made fun of him in the basement. Although not true the story is a great backdrop to the 50 rooms that takes around 30 minutes to walk through making it one of the longest in the country.

The Darkness, St. Louis, MO
Holds the record for the most animated special effects in the industry. With haunted house features Zombie Laser Tag, 3D effects, and a Monster Museum that is filled with real Hollywood movie props.

Woods of Terror, Greensboro. NC
Rated in the top 10 of Haunt World’s annual list of haunted houses. This attraction has several themed houses that will make your blood curl. So if the creepy crawlies don’t get you maybe the night stalkers will.

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