The Best Places to Travel in the Fall

October 25, 2019

There’s Nothing Like an RV Trip in Autumn

The Best Places to Travel in the Fall

Cocoa, flannel, foggy horizons… you know, just a few of the things that fall brings to the table. Sure, pumpkin spice, too. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice air fresheners, pumpkin spice cologne, pumpkin spice filet mignon, pumpkin- you get the picture. No matter what your favorite part of fall is, it’s the perfect time to load up the trailer and head to greener — nay yellow(er) and orange(r) and red(er) — destinations.
And, even if you’re not an avid RVer (but really, it’s a great time to become one!), you probably know a friend, co-worker, or family member who is. So, borrow, buy, or rent your way to these awesome autumn atmospheres located all over the United States!
Hand-Picked Fall Destinations
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
You knew it would make the list. Which means, either you already know the beauty of Jackson Hole in the autumn or you’ve heard plenty about it. Either way, we’re here to remind you that this destination is an RV favorite because of its majestic views, long list of activities, and its food and drink opportunities. Here are the highlights you don’t want to miss during this crisp time of year:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding
    • Full/multi-day lift tickets
    • Backcountry and resort trails
    • Plenty of rental shops and gear outlets
    • Winter Opening Day starts November 28, 2019
    • Countless lodging options
      • Lodges, Bed & Breakfasts, Resorts, Hotels, etc.
  • Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park
    • Less tourists means more time to explore in peace and quiet
    • Fly fishing, elk bugling, and great photography opportunities
    • Of course, Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone!
  • Wintertime Tours
    • Snowshoeing
    • Wildlife safaris
    • Dogsled adventures
    • Scenic flights
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The Ozarks
The Ozark Mountain Region spans four states, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and southeastern Kansas; yet despite its big footprint, is renowned for its escapist atmosphere – you know, the type of destination that RVers crave. The splendor of this outdoor paradise is only matched by the hidden gems scattered about. So, you know those travel brochures you’ve been collecting? The Ozarks check just about every box in them. For instance:
  • Wilderness
    • Fall is a great time to see the migration of many species of birds
      • Many eagles make the Ozarks their home
    • The area’s many wilderness areas give you room and seclusion to snap your new favorite pics of elk, turkeys, deer, and more
    • Year-round hiking trails accommodate beginners and backcountry backpacking legends
  • Fishing
    • A fisherman’s paradise. Here, you can catch Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Stripers, and more from the area’s many streams
    • The deep lakes (Bull Shoals and Norfork) offer plaque-worthy fishing expeditions
  • Culture
    • Solo trips and family tours alike will appreciate the area’s museums and local BBQ spots
  • Table Rock Lake
    • Come for the fall foliage, stay for the hundreds of miles of pristine shoreline views
    • Table Rock is also great for family RV trips, as it features more of the hustle and bustle your younger audience expects these days:
      • Family fun parks
      • Modern arcades
      • Ziplining
      • Rollercoasters
      • Cavern tours
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Great Smoky Mountains
For those who have been here before, we bet you can already smell it. No, not smoke – that’s just the name. We’re talking about Fraser firs, sugar maples, yellow-poplars, and the crisp autumn air. Okay, that last one technically isn’t a smell of its own, but a collection of the scenic views and secluded cabin retreats you can expect in the most visited park in America. In addition to Tennessee’s roughly 244,000 acres and North Carolina’s 276,000 acres, the Smokies are a most-visited park for many reasons, like:
  • Peak Fall Foliage
    • Best times are late October through early November
  • The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
    • Experience plenty of themed train trips, including a guided history lesson and even holiday-themed rides
  • Clingmans Dome
    • A ½-mile hike to Tennessee’s highest point. A quick walk for high-altitude visitors
    • Snowshoeing recommended for wintertime peaking
  • The Blue Mist
    • This mist, referred to as “blue smoke” by the Cherokee and created by gas from the area vegetation, lingers around the mountains and gives the place its namesake
  • Historical Structures
    • Old churches, mills, cabins, and more, scatter the landscape for tourists to soak in and take pictures they’ll eventually find as their desktop wallpaper
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Sonoma County, CA — Note: Due to recent fires in the area, it’s best to save this recommendation for 2020 and beyond.
Home to Sonoma Valley, the “Birthplace of wine in California,” Sonoma County is another expected destination, yet worth repeating. While the rest of the country deals with slush, icy windows, and heavy coats, the weather in Sonoma remains pretty prime for early evening escapes, keeping 72 degrees in October and still hitting 60 in November. But what about the landscape?
Like an animated movie come to life, many of the walkable, rolling vineyards showcase caterpillars, rabbits, and butterflies hanging out in perfect harmony. Trust us, we’ve seen it. So, snag a comfy chair, park your legs, and enjoy endless collections of curated wines from the more than 425 wineries stretching through Northern California. Here’s more of what you can expect:
  • It’s Harvest Time!
    • Not only will you find some of the best wine tasting this time of year, you’ll also get some of the area’s best colors
  • Of course, Wine Tours
    • There’s no shortage of services willing to drive you around to the many wineries
  • Premium Dining
    • In Sonoma itself, there are plenty of upscale hotspots and unique bistros that offer romantic, yet casual, atmospheres
  • Close Proximity to San Francisco
    • There’s the famous bridge, the famous island, the famous trolleys… you know, all the famous stuff
  • Culture
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Prince Edward Island, Canada
We’re going international! Well, as long as you’re reading this in the United States. If you’re already in Canada, then you’re probably very familiar with this prime tourist destination. And, if you’re a Dutchmen blog die-hard (and we hope you are), you might recall learning all about Prince Edward Island (PEI) on our post: Where to Next? Explore Some Great Canadian Vacation Destinations … but if not, we’ll give a recap of the best PEI has to offer:
  • Confederation Trail
    • Part of the Trans Canada Trail, this particular portion is home to many villages, waterside views, and rolling landscapes best experienced by hike or bike
  • Anne of Green Gables
    • PEI is the setting of the classic novel by L.M. Montgomery, which means you’ll find plenty of homages to the title character, as well as a musical in Charlottetown
  • Farm to Table Food
    • Because of PEI’s rich agricultural setting and island location, you’ll experience cuisines that utilize the freshest produce, meat, and seafood
  • Charlottetown
    • For our foodies, PEI’s capital brings craft beer, seaside eateries, and Victorian flair
  • Lighthouses
    • The good thing about lighthouses is that they’re always cool, no matter the time of year. On PEI, you’ll find 63 of them, which is why there’s even a Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society to preserve them
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Fall Colors You’ll Fall in Love With
We could create a list of every location where the foliage is something to truly behold, but Trip Savvy already did it! They list state-by-state locations and offer up the colors you’ll see, when you should visit, and even provide a hotline that will help you plan your trip!
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