Where to Next?

April 22, 2019

Explore Some Great Canadian Vacation Destinations

Where to Next?

While there are too many fantastic locations to list here, we chose five of the best spots we think you should put on your trip planner—nay, your Canadian trip planner—as we head into peak RV travel season.

1. Banff National Park | Alberta  


Venture into the Canadian Rockies and you’ll find Banff National Park. Like a painting come to life, this park is filled with majestic views, Snow White type wildlife, and a vast wilderness ripe for a family vacation. Featuring three ecoregions, the park has a little bit of everything. But no matter how distracted you get; you’ll want to make your way to Lake Louise to see the Valley of the Ten Peaks in all its glory.
Also located within the park is the town of Banff itself, a bustling area designed for the tourist at heart. Plenty of shopping, date night restaurants, night life bars, and multiple helicopter tours await those who venture into this town—that comes straight out of a Hallmark movie. And we mean that in a good way.
Whether it’s the array of outdoor activities, the pristine skiing, or the nearby hot springs and mountain treks, you’ll never be bored in this isolated, yet accessible, Canadian travel mecca. And don’t worry, you’ll find multiple RV parks located around the town.
2. Niagara Falls | Ontario

What can we say about these iconic falls that hasn’t already been said? And sure, it’s more of a 50/50 Canadian escape if you’re coming from the U.S., but still, it’s a must-list. Why? For one, it’s not just a waterfall, it’s three. And they’ve all come together to give you a view not seen anywhere else.
Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest of the three and can be visited by means of the Cave of the Winds attraction. It also sits next to Luna Island, where tourists can get closer looks.
American Falls, as you probably guessed, is located entirely within the U.S. It’s known for the rock piles at its base due to the natural erosion that occurs. The best view can be seen from the Canadian side.
The largest of the three, Horseshoe Falls, takes about 90% of the Niagara River’s flow, making it the true star of this already impressive landmark.
While you’re here, make sure to stop by Hornblower Cruises, which runs two 700-passenger ships—the Niagara Wonder and Niagara Thunder. They’ll take you right underneath the falls to enjoy the water and views up close and personal.
In addition to a few KOA’s located nearby, the Niagara Falls area features a few RV resorts with scenic waterfall views of their own.
3. Vancouver Island | British Columbia

Like a page ripped from your favorite outdoor adventure novel, Vancouver Island’s 12,000 square miles are filled with the ultimate RVers dream: a wilderness escape that’s not so far away from a luxury experience should the occasion call for it. However, those familiar with the location will tell you, it’s not for the resort-only family. It’s for adventurers who really want to disconnect and come away with an experience they can talk about for years to come.
Accessible via ferry’s that service the island, visitors are encouraged to drive and enjoy the island at their own pace or fly in on a floatplane—roughly half an hour, one-way. However, once you’re settled, we suggest you visit the Elk Falls Suspension Bridge where you’ll find expansive forest views. We also suggest you visit the Wild Pacific Trail—a large trail system that hugs a rocky shoreline with views of the multiple islands nearby.
True outdoor activities include fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, as well as whale watching and nature tours. And if you’re looking to remain on dry land, there’s no shortage of activities, such as caving, cycling, and backcountry hiking. And like we said, there are sophisticated options to enjoy. The island is packed with farming communities that offer unique bites and tasty dishes you won’t find in the big city.
This place might seem remote and hard to get to, but Google Maps will point you to 20 RV-accessible parks in the vicinity. 
4. Prince Edward Island | New Brunswick/Nova Scotia

Aside from simply sounding regal, Prince Edward Island (PEI) lives up to its name with a rich agricultural landscape and historical relevance. Namely, Anne of Green Gables. Homages to the classic character can be found all over the main island, which gives you a sense of times long gone. The lighthouses, abundance of farming (did anyone say potatoes?) and sprawling Confederation Trail help to immerse you in the quiet, yet vibrant atmosphere found here off the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Oh, then there’s the cultural experience. Head into the various villages located on the island (which takes only 3 hours to drive from border to border) and you’ll find theatre, history tours, authentic culinary experiences, and the aforementioned Anne of Green Gables inspired locales scattered about.
Tucked between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, finding an RV park shouldn’t be possible. But the countryside is meant to be seen, and there are RV parks scattered about to help you do just that.
5. Bay of Fundy | New Brunswick/Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy has been deemed one of North America’s seven wonders. So, while it’s at the bottom of this list, in reality, it should be at the top of your own.
Just hours away from Prince Edward Island, this coastal destination draws in visitors like moths to a flame. A really cool, worthwhile flame, that is. But why is it so popular? Maybe it’s the drastic tide changes, the seaside cliffs, the dinosaur fossils and minerals, or the diverse marine life. More than likely, it’s all of those things.
While here, you’ll find opportunities for hiking, backpacking, and scuba diving. Or if you’re looking to live it up a bit, you can visit local vineyards, go whale watching, or play a round of golf. We’d be fibbing if we said this wasn’t a popular place for visitors, what with the rare landscape, so we suggest tackling the Bay of Fundy and Prince Edward Island in one great Canadian RV trip. This way, you can see a lot in a small area, yet escape any peak tourist times should you encounter them.
And, if you checked out the RV parks located around PEI, you’ll find more or less the same ones here. So, get your travel trailer, head to the Bay, and get ready for some fun-dy. Hey, it was low-hanging fruit.
Travel tip: if you’re not a native of Canada, we suggest you get your passports out and up to date.
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