Don’t Worry, Be Happy with RV Security Tips

November 25, 2019

Security Locks, Storage, Planning Ahead, and More

Don’t Worry, Be Happy with RV Security Tips

Puffing out your chest and carrying a big stick might have worked great in the days of cavemen, but that won’t do you much good when it comes to RV security in the modern world. No, these days you need to keep in mind how secure your rig is when you’re out exploring the landscape. That’s where we come in.

Much like a fire keeps away (most) mosquitos, a few security measures will keep away (most) opportunists.
Sometimes, it’s as simple as staying at a campground. For one, there’s plenty of other RVers out and about just feet away from one another, so sneaking around doesn’t always work out. Plus, you’re all in the same boat, per se. So, just as you wouldn’t make off with others’ gadgets or gear, the same hopefully applies to your neighbors. Last but not least, many campgrounds are managed by a team or are fitted with lights and sometimes gated entry.
Secure RV Storage
Half the battle when it comes to deterring theft is to simply make it look like it’s not worth the effort. With that in mind:

  • Don’t leave high value equipment outside while sleeping or day trekking, as that can be problematic in populated or remote locales
  • Store as much as you can inside the trailer while away
  • Pull in the generator’s power cord as to not telegraph you have a generator nearby
RV Security Locks
Security locks can mean a number of things, but when it comes to an RV, it’s all about the essentials.
Hitch Locks – These will help prevent (or at least slow down) a complete RV theft since the thieves won’t be able to attach their vehicle and go.
Boot Locks – These fit over your wheels to ensure thieves can’t get to your lug nuts, which in turn, means they can’t get the wheels off.
  • Generators
    • Chain your generator to the trailer legs or put it in the back of your truck and cover with a tarp for those trips to the grocery store or hiking trail.
  • Always keep your camper locked up at rest stops and while refueling. Just because you’re making a quick trip doesn’t mean the thieves aren’t just as fast.
  • Applying a wheel club for your towing vehicle is always a great idea to add one more step in the theft process that most thieves are too lazy to figure out.
RV Door Security – From deadbolts to key fobs and keypads, locking your access doors is a simple upgrade that can make all the difference. Just make sure you use the locks!
  • Rather than list them all out here, RV Expertise has compiled a Best RV Door Locks of 2019 list you should definitely check out.
Have a Plan
  • Always let family and friends know your travel plans, any and all stops, as well as your overnight locations. There are several free mobile apps to keep track of friends and family while on the road.
  • Make sure you have access to reliable roadside assistance. Many insurance companies will let you bundle this to existing plans, so you just need to ask.
  • Have a back-up recharging method for your cellphone in case your source is inaccessible, or your original charger falls into the river. Why it’s near the river in the first place is an entirely different set of RV camping tips.
Other Things to Keep in Mind
  • Don’t store your generator or grills inside the travel trailer or you’ll risk stinking up the place.
  • Consider portable, solar powered motion sensor lights to help ward off 2 and 4-legged bandits.
  • Use your GPS or a service like Google Earth to plan routes you plan to traverse. This helps ensure stops that support your fuel and resupply needs are met, while alleviating last minute deviations.
  • If power hookups are allowed, leaving a porch light, interior light, and music playing inside while you explore are soft deterrents that can go a long way.
As always, we want to ensure you’re as best prepared as possible when RVing. So, for more RV Security Tips, we encourage you to read KOA’s article on the very same topic! You can find it here.
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