RV Services You Need for Successful Summer Outings

May 23, 2017

The Best RV Parts and Maintenance for Your Dutchmen RV

RV Services You Need for Successful Summer Outings

At Dutchmen RV, we want to make sure that each one of our owners has peace of mind with our travel trailers, fifth wheels or toy haulers. And, that starts by equipping our network of dealers to provide the best RV services the industry has to offer.

While the owner’s manuals we provide at Dutchmen.com are the ultimate resource for getting to know your RV, ninety-five pages of detailed instructions can often be overwhelming and hard to sift through in a hurry. That’s why this month we’re going to break down a few trailer service topics into bite-sized categories for you to peruse as needed. Now, you’ll always find the information you need, when you need it.


Before each Dutchmen RV rolls off the production line and onto a dealership, it undergoes a quality inspection to make sure everything is in top working order, from the tires to the electrical components. However, even the most cared for RVs can run into unforeseen trouble and will need to undergo maintenance or service from time to time. Additionally, on occasion there may be RV safety recalls and service campaigns that need to be addressed.

To best serve owners and their recreational vehicles, safety recall and/or service campaign notifications may be sent out in order to prevent potential product failures that ultimately put your vacation plans on hiatus. When notifications are sent out, it is important that the RV is brought in for service before the RV or component undergoes further use. Should you receive a service campaign notification in the mail, make sure to schedule an appointment for fixes at your earliest convenience. These two services are free-of-cost for Dutchmen owners.

For any RVs requiring warranty service, make sure you call the dealership ahead of time to schedule your appointment and be as clear and detailed as possible in your description of the maintenance required for your RV.


In order to obtain Dutchmen RV parts, whether to upgrade your trailer or to better understand the many appliances and features throughout your RV, you’ll need to reach out to your local dealer or the nearest one to you. Always concerned with the highest customer satisfaction we can achieve at Dutchmen, should you find that you are in need of additional assistance regarding your parts requirements, we encourage our owners to contact our Customer Service support team. Our representatives will get you in contact with the help you need in a timely manner.

Access to your owner’s manual is always just a few clicks away on the Dutchmen website. Simply click on the Owners icon at the top of the page. There, you can find links for recall information, a change of ownership or address, as well as manuals, parts and archived literature.


Is your RV in need of its regularly scheduled maintenance? Dedicated to providing value long after the sale, there are a number of locations for Dutchmen owners to conveniently service their trailers when the time comes. Your primary service contact should always be with your local Dutchmen dealership who is equipped to handle all customer requests, such as parts and service, warranties, recalls, service campaigns and more. If you have recently moved or simply don’t remember who your local dealer is, you can find your local Dutchmen RV dealer or authorized Service Center here. Just select your travel trailer brand, then enter your location information. You’ll receive a listing of the nearest dealer locations, as well as links to find directions, inventory and contact information for all dealer specific inquiries.

If the dealer is unable to timely resolve any warrantable issues, or for assistance in arranging repairs, please contact the Dutchmen Customer Service Department at:

Dutchmen Manufacturing
P.O. Box 2000
Goshen, Indiana 46527


(866) 425-4369



NOTE: If the dealer is unable to correct any covered defects of your recreational vehicle, please notify Dutchmen RV directly of the failure to successfully repair the defect(s) so that we may become directly involved in the matter.


Now that you know where best to service your RV, as well as where to find the RV parts you need to keep traveling safely and securely, it’s time we got your travel trailer ready for the vacation season. To start the de-winterization process, you’ll need to remove the anti-freeze in your RV’s plumbing lines and water tanks. Here are 8 simple steps:

  • Drain all tanks, fresh water and sewage. Close the drains after water has drained.
  • Attach garden hose to fresh water fill and fill tank.
  • Turn on pump switch and open cold water side of all faucet/shower fixtures. Leave open until water runs clear. Repeat for hot water side.
  • Flush toilet until clear water runs into bowl.
  • Dump tanks again. Close the drains after water has drained.
  • Sanitize water system. Refer to owner’s manual for specific steps for this process.
  • If a water filter is installed, drain lines, remove filter assembly, clean and reinstall with new filter.
  • When ready to use the water heater, turn by-pass valve to open position to allow water to enter hot water heater tank and fill according to instructions.

Once you’ve checked your RV for all working components, appliances and have ensured that you’re familiar with the owner’s manual and RV towing/driving process, you’ll be on your way to getting your Dutchmen RV back on the road for an exciting new season of camping, sight-seeing and cross-country escapes. You’ll also drive with ease knowing that Dutchmen’s trusted network of dealers provide top-of-the-line RV parts and service should you ever need them.

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