RV Living Tips

May 20, 2019

How to Create Personal Space on Your Next Trip

RV Living Tips

Vacation doesn’t always equal smiles and sunshine and high fives and bonding time. At some point, real life is going to happen and you’re going to need a plan B to ensure you can reset the emotional clock, decompress, and come back to the campfire better than ever.
And just because you’re in a travel trailer doesn’t mean you won’t need more space from time to time. Tempers are going to flare, the kids are going to argue with one another, or you may stub your toe or do a belly flop the next time you’re outside-who’s telling what might happen. So, we decided to put together some practical RV travel tips to remember when you’re 1,000 miles from home.

Make more me time
Now, we’re not certified relationship therapists or anything, but we do know it can be a life saver to set aside time (regularly) for one’s self. And sure, you may have taken a group RV trip to bond and share your experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little self-reflection while you’re out and about. So, what to do?
Well, there are plenty of activities one can do by themselves. If you’re by a lake or oceanside that permits it, spend some time fishing. This doesn’t require two people and can be quite cathartic. Not to mention, it can take a bit of time.
Fishing not your style? There’s always a solo hike or bike ride in your future. Just make sure you let those you’re travelling with know where you’re going, what time you plan on leaving, and what time you plan on returning. This is always a good thing to do no matter how many people are going together.
And, if you’re in a National Park, there’s probably a famous landmark or two (or dozen) that are worth checking out. And sightseeing doesn’t require another set of eyes unless you want it to. Plus, if you like it enough, you now have a cool spot to take your friends or family back to so they can share the magic of Mother Nature, as well.
If you do plan on taking the world on alone, even if for just a bit, make sure to take along a map, a backpack with essential survival gear, and appropriate clothing. And, it’s best to stick to daytime solo ventures to make sure you don’t wander too far when it’s dark.

Use the travel trailer to your advantage
Are your travel mates going biking? Might be a good time to get the campsite prepped for brats and late-night s’mores. And, if you’re taking one of our Dutchmen travel trailers, being “stuck inside” isn’t always a bad thing. You can always pass the time by watching your favorite films-may we suggest some outdoor classics like The Great Outdoors, Homeward Bound, or Planet Earth?
Oh, you’d rather see the outdoors than watch them? That’s fair. Most RV’s feature a stereo and speakers you can put to work while you lounge outside in a hammock with your favorite beverage. But, if you’re looking for some simple peace and quiet, this is also a great time for introspection, if that kind of thing is up your alley. There are plenty of podcasts and self-meditation books you can download before you go, then listen to while the birds chirp, the rivers rush, and the wind rustles through the leaves. And now that we’re thinking about it, you could probably just close your eyes and let nature handle the mediation for a little while.
And let’s not forget about A/C. If you’re riding in a quality travel trailer, you probably have an escape from the sun and humidity currently surrounding you. So, when the day is long and you’re not in the mood for strenuous activity, kicking back on the couch or bed is nothing to be ashamed of.

Share your mealtimes
We’d be lying if we said space was just physical. Sometimes, you need some emotional space to help you recalibrate. But, as counterintuitive as it may seem, mealtimes are great for maintaining a neutral setting where you can recap the day, talk about your plans for tomorrow, and most of the time, spend communal time chewing in silence anyway.
Now, if you’ve done the day right, you’re probably going to be too tired to do much at night. And for those of us who’ve gone camping, we know that precious moment where everyone gets real quiet and just kind of stares off into space-especially if there’s a campfire in front of them. So, while you may all be in the same place, you couldn’t be further away. And who knows, your RV mates may be looking for the same thing you are-some time to themselves.
So, break out the camping chair and gaze at the stars, gaze at the fire, or sit back and listen as stories are told while remembering a soft place to sleep (off the ground) is just a few feet away.

Limit your space to limit the numbers
Alright, so this is a bit of a cheat. But, if you’re really looking to get some space from your mates back home, a small travel trailer is a great, affordable option. Okay, you got us, it’s a full cheat. But nothing says you have to travel with someone else. Again, just make sure people know where you’ll be.
And we’re completely biased, but we think the Kodiak Cub is the perfect towable for taking a solo excursion without having to worry about who is using the bathroom, who is hogging the TV, or what activities you should do in which particular order. It’s lightweight, has all the necessary amenities, and is towable by most vehicles. Just saying, it’s an option!
But, no matter how you choose to travel (or who you travel with), we encourage everyone to make the most of it. Whether that’s reconnecting with old friends, building better bonds with family members, or making time for yourself.
To see how other Dutchmen RVers make time for the themselves on the open road, head to our Facebook page. And, you can always follow us on Instagram (@dutchmenrvcompany) for updates about our family of Dutchmen RV owners.

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